1.- How to put the bridle

Audio Transcription :

Hi, this is Mara Keith-Hunter for Expert Village. Today I would be talking about how to tack
up a horse. Putting the bridle on. To begin with we are going to put the reins over his
head and we do this because as we take the curb strap off, it is important that we still
have a way to hang on to him. The next thing we are going to do is take the halter off.
As you do this, you want to make sure your right hand comes around and holds his head.
So your hand is almost acting as the halter. Next to get the bridle into my right hand
still holding his head, with my left hand I'm going to bring the bit up just between
his lips. Then if you need to help him open his mouth, your finger goes right in the back
where he does not have teeth and that just makes him open his mouth. Next we are going
to put the bridle over one ear at a time. His ears don't have bones in them. He can
flex so don't be afraid to bend it. You just want to make sure that you take any hair out

2.- How to put the saddle and the pads on a horse

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Hi, this is Mara Keith-Hunter for Expert Village. Today I would be talking about
how to tack up a horse.Next we would be putting on the saddle pad and the back pad.
Not everyone uses a back pad and we would
start with just the saddle pad. So you know that the front is a front cause it has a strap
for the girth to go through and a strap that attaches to the gullet of the saddle.
So we are going to put this on and it should come up to half of his withers, in the middle of his withers.
There is a 2 example of basic back pads;it is just a fleece general supporting protecting pad.
This is for raising up the back of your saddle to give it a better fit.
So today we are just going to use this basic fleece back pad.
You just want to line it up so that the back pad
does not go any further then the saddle pad and that it is lined up evenly with this side.
So it is even on both sides of his back.

3.- How to Attach the Girth to a Horse

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Hi, this is Mara Keith-Hunter for Expert Village. Today I would be talking about how to tack
up a horse. So here are examples of girth that are commonly used. One is a fleece skirt.
This is especially good for a horse that is sensitive and tends to get rough. But what
I'm going to use is just a very classic leather girth. Now you notice that one side has leather
and the other has elastic, so we are going to start by attaching the leather side. This
is going to go on the right side of the horse. First I'm going to feed it through the saddle
pad and this keeps the saddle pad and the saddle and girth all in line. I'm going to
use the 2 outer billets and it is going to go through the tuck run of the girth. I'm
going to first put on the first hole. Then we are going to go around to the other side,
I'm going to reach under and get the girth and once again, it is going to feed through
the saddle pad to the billet. Make sure that it is on the top row of the girth and attach
it just to the first hole.

4.- How to mount and dismount a horse : adjusting stirrups on a horse

Audio transcription :

The next thing we'll do is check the stirrups from the ground and adjust them in any way
we need to. It's important to make sure we always keep a hold of the reins so if you
do this, we're going to run our hands just through the reins, we're going to slide the
stirrup down and the way to check from the ground is to put your fingertips up by the
buckle and the end of the stirrup should really just come to your arm pit. And then if we
need to adjust them, you're going to pull the first two straps down, make any adjustment
you need to and then you want to make sure you get this buckle back up. So we're going
to slide by pulling on the bottom strap and then we're going to tuck the extra piece back
in and we'll do the same on the other side. So, right arm now let's do the reins, never
letting go, pull the stirrup iron down, we'll take both top straps, pull them down, make
any adjustments you need to and then to get this buckle back up to the top, we're going to pull on
the bottom strap, therefore getting this buckle up and tucking in the extra strap.